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In business since 1986, Hardwood Lumber Company Of Dallas is a premium supplier of wood products and millwork for professional and hobby woodworking craftsmen. We have a large inventory that ranges from anything like traditional native to tropical exotic woods. If our clients have a preference of plywood then we also carry matching veneered plywood products for many of our selections.


Having an onsite production facility allows us to dimension our               clients lumber to their specifications. We have a large selection of                moulding styles along with custom orders if needed, to fulfill our customers orders.

Here at hardwood lumber we take great pride in our customer service, we highly encourage our customers to come in with their projects and discuss their plans with one of our wood working specialist. Even if customers are unsure of what they need, we like to make sure that once they come in they gain a better understanding of what they want. We are all about letting our customers pick out their own lumber from our inventory of beautiful hardwoods.






Custom Mouldings

Custom Glue Ups

We offer one straight edge with every board you buy from us. We also offer to plane, sand & resaw your boards right on the spot for a small extra cost.

(if possible)

Cant find a moulding you need anywhere else? We create our own knives therefore we can match anything. Bring your sample in so we can match it, if not come look at our moulding catalog. We offer anything from toungue & groove, shiplap, crown, base & case, windown stool, stair rails etc.

Need a beautiful top? Butcher block or Plank style? We can do it all. We specialize in custom glue ups like stair treads, stair landings, shelves & counter tops. 



*No seal/stain services offered.

Solid Stock

Looking for lumber but tired of places not letting you pick your boards? Come on over and we will place the whole bundle in front of you to pick out. Almost all of our bundles come in random widths and depending on the species of wood they range anything from five to sixteen foot long. All of our lumber is kiln dried & rough. We will happily give you one straight edge and one cross cut with every board you buy. If you don't have the tools to clean up a board (plane,sand) then don't hesitate to ask us, we can do it right on the spot for a small fee! We carry 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, & 8/4 in most species & 10/4, 12/4 & 16/4

                            in some species.                         

Southern Yellow Pine

African Mahogany 

Soft Maple 

Iroko Teak

    Tiger Maple
White Oak






Bolivian Rosewood           ( Morado ) 
Ribbon Stripe Sapele
Aromatic Cedar


Figured Sapele

Canary Wood


Qtrswn Wenge

Birdseye Maple 


Knotty Alder
Zebra Wood 


Euro. Beech


Red Oak
Hickory/ Pecan 
     ( Calico )
    Nogal ( Peruvian Walnut )
Jatoba (Braz Cherry)

Hard Maple

Spanish Cedar

        Genuine Mahogany
Purple Heart


Eastern White Pine 
Pricing and availability are subject to change 
                *Please call for pricing.

Live Edge Slabs 

We offer a variety of slabs, all kiln dry and ready for their new home. Slabs come a bit surfaced from the mill but can be planed & sanded in our shop for a small fee. If needed we also offer our jointing service for slabs. Sizes vary for each slab so please call for details. 

V-C Plywood 

We carry a good selection of veneer core plywood, anything from Birch to Walnut. Most of our sheets will be 4x8 with the exception of the Baltic Birch which we also carry in 5x5 sheets. We give you a complimentary cut or rip with each sheet to make it easier to transport, anything after will have a small fee per rip or cut. 

Vietnamese Birch PG 4x8

   3/4", 1/2", 5/8" & 1/4"

Baltic Birch 4x8

1/2" & 3/4" 

Baltic Birch 5x5

3/4", 1/2", 5/8", 3/8", 

Red Oak 4x8

 1/2" & 1/4"

White Oak 4x8

3/4", 1/2" & 1/4"

Cherry 4x8

3/4" & 1/4"

Walnut 4x8

3/4", 1/2",1/4"

African Mahogany 4x8

3/4" & 1/4" 

Perica 4x8


Pricing and availability are subject to change                 *Please call for pricing.



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Dallas, TX. 75220




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Saturday 1st & 3rd of the month: 8AM- 11:45AM



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*Please call if you are needing pricing on Plywood or Lumber. 

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