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Est. 1986

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

In business since 1986, Hardwood Lumber Company Of Dallas is a premium supplier of wood products and millwork for professional and hobby woodworking craftsmen. We have a large inventory that ranges from anything like traditional native to tropical exotic woods. If our clients have a preference of plywood then we also carry matching veneered plywood products for many of our selections.


Having an onsite production facility allows us to dimension our clients lumber to their specifications. We have a large selection of moulding styles along with custom orders if needed, to fulfill our customers orders.

Here at hardwood lumber we take great pride in our customer service, we highly encourage our customers to come in with their projects and discuss their plans with one of our wood working specialist. Even if customers are unsure of what they need, we like to make sure that once they come in they gain a better understanding of what they want. We are all about letting our customers pick out their own lumber from our inventory of beautiful hardwoods.

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